Are you very perceptive and intuitive?

Do you find that you need regular time alone in order to be at your best?

Does being hungry really knock you off centre, derailing your concentration and/or mood?

Are you unusually sensitive to the effects of refined sugar, caffeine and other drugs – and/or to pain and to hot and cold temperatures?

Are you especially affected by and sensitive to others’ moods and to unkind words or acts?

Do you sometimes experience mind fog or find that when put on the spot your mind goes blank?

Do you sometimes have real difficulty switching off and getting to sleep?

Do you seem to become overwhelmed more easily than others – for example in crowded environments or when you have too much to do?

Do you have a vivid imagination?

Are you deeply moved by music and the arts, and/or by nature?

If you answered yes to most or all of these questions, you’re most likely a Highly Sensitive Person, or HSP.

And I’m right there with you, along with an estimated 15-20% of the population.

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Hi! I’m Sarah Best and discovering that I’m an HSP was life-changing for me! I consider it a superpower and I’m passionate about helping other HSPs thrive.

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